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Things To Know Before Becoming A Cheerleader

It takes a lot of work, commitment, and good attitude to become a cheerleader. You just don’t wake up one day and take it upon yourself to become a cheerleader. You become one through hard work, perseverance, enthusiasm and passion.

There are many misconceptions about cheerleading, so it’s important to educate yourself about what cheerleading is really about before deciding if this is the right sports for you in Jacksonville. Florida, for one, hosts many cheerleading competitions, and is home to a number of cheerleading facilities for those who want to learn this fervid art.

It’s a lot of work

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that cheerleading is just jumping around on the mat and hoping not to fall on your back. With cheerleading, you have to memorize dance routines and 8-counts. And mind you, these are not simple routines. You also have to train hard, work on your body coordination, and eat healthy and exercise. Being a cheerleader does not only command hard work, it demands discipline.

It’s dangerous

In 2012, the American Academy of Pediatrics said that cheerleading accounts for 65 percent of all direct “catastrophic injuries” to girl athletes at the high school level and 70.8 percent at the college level. Cheerleading means being exposed to injuries, sprains and accidents. That is why we always advise potential cheerleaders to train harder and work on their coordination. But although training helps reduce the incidences of injuries, it still doesn’t provide an exemption from possible accidents.

It’s all about attitude

Having the right attitude will help you go a long way in cheerleading. Know how to listen to your coach/coaches, and follow the system instilled in the team. Cheerleading demands discipline, confidence, passion and even a bit of attitude. You can’t yell and cheer for your team if you’re low on morals. You have to be always energetic. Remember that cheerleading is the heart and soul of the crowd.

It’s about the team

Sure, you’ll have a captain and a co-captain, but there’s no hierarchy in cheerleading. Forget about what Hollywood tries to tell us—that the cheerleader captain rules the school and dates the football quarterback. Although there are instances like that, it’s not always the case. Cheerleading is all about the team. The captain works as hard as the rest of the team do. There’s no exception, and you shouldn’t be out for individual glory. It’s always a team-first mentality.

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