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Things You Have To Look For A Jacksonville Cheerleading Gym

Now that you have finally been convinced by your daughter to let her become a Jacksonville cheerleading member, you have to equip yourself with the knowledge of where she will be training and whether or not the gym is well-equipped and secured. Since she will be spending an inordinate amount of time here to practice and workout, you have to make sure that her “second home” will prioritize her safety above anything else.

There are a lot of things you need to check in the training facility. Since you’ll be handing over your daughter to the coaches and this gym for at least two hours every day, it’s only prudent for you to ensure that she’ll be safe while she’s there.


Where is the facility located? Is it near a busy area? Is it in a secluded area? Can you reach it easily? Is it accessible by public transportation or only by private vehicles? A lot of these things will play a part in your schedule, too. For example, there is no public transportation there, you have to work out a schedule when you can drop and pick your daughter for practice and workouts. As for the security of the gym, you might feel better knowing if it’s in a busy area rather in a secluded one.


The term facility may be very vague. There are a lot of elements here that you, the parent, must check. The gym mats should be able to protect a fall. The building should be well-ventilated. There should be enough shower rooms for the number of cheerleaders. Most important of all, there should be a room where a cheerleader can be taken to when and if an accident happens. This room should have the proper first aid kit, so that immediate medical assistance can be given when an accident happens.


It’s not only the coaches you have to check out. After feeling comforted by the fact that the cheerleading coach knows what he/she is doing, it’s time to visit the gym itself and see who are working there. Aside from the coaches and the assistant coaches, there are receptionists, janitors, and other staff in the facility that you must get to know. It will put your mind at ease to know the people who will be around your daughter on a daily basis. Your daughter will spend a lot of time in this gym, so she’ll interact a lot with these people.

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