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Things You Need To Do As A Jacksonville Cheerleading Coach

Jacksonville cheerleading

Coaching is a fun and exciting adventure, no matter what sports you are into. As a coach, you will act as a second parent to your Jacksonville cheerleading members. Many people are looking at you to do your best for the team—the parents, the school administrators, the cheerleaders, the community, and other athletes from other teams. The pressure is high but so is the reward.

The most rewarding part of being a coach to young cheerleaders is to see them grow and become successful in whatever field they choose. There are so many cheerleaders who have already left the team and became successful in other fields, but they would still come back to their first cheerleading coach. Cheerleaders and their coaches are like family.

Answer questions and clarify issues

Parents, cheerleaders, and school administrators will ask a lot about your program and rules. Make sure to answer all questions asked of you and never be afraid to explain to your team. Be clear and concise with anything being asked from you. There are times when parents and administrators might misconstrued you, so make sure to clarify all kinds of issues. Just make sure not to elaborate too much because this can lead to misunderstanding.

Have a contact person at the school

Instead of always contacting the school administrator for your needs, you have to make sure that you have a specific point person there. This person will take care of the forms for you and the cheerleaders, and can also act as a conduit between the team and the school administrators. Make sure that the person is going to be helpful and knowledgeable about running a team like a cheerleading squad. It’s hard to be the cheerleading coach and the cheer manager at the same time. There has to be another person who can do all the paperwork.

Set a specific practice date

Be consistent with your practice date. Don’t change them around because consistency is the key. This will teach the cheerleaders how to prioritize their schedule. For example, they will set their practice days to Monday and Thursday. They will work around this schedule and would set other activities outside of your practice date.

Have fun all the time

There will be bad days, of course, when the students are acting up or the administrators are getting in your nerves. What’s important is that you remember to always have fun with Jacksonville cheerleading. Keep the issues at bay and just focus on having fun and winning.

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