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Things You Never Thought You’d Learn in Jacksonville Cheerleading

Getting into Jacksonville cheerleading is one of the most memorable experiences you’re about to embark on in your life. Whether you’re just starting out, or a seasoned cheerleader, you never stop learning from your cheerleading experience. You learn the great, life-building stuff, like self-confidence and how to work with a team. However, there are some things that you have never expected you’d learn out of being a cheerleader. After all, you didn’t expect it to be all character building stuff, did you? Here are some unexpected things you learn as a cheerleader.

You can never have enough bobby pins.

You’re always prepared, so you bring along an entire pack of bobby pins, and you figure that’s enough to last you awhile. But when performance day comes around, and you’re all getting yourselves ready, you find that your bobby pins have mysteriously disappeared in the way that they do.

Or hairspray.

I mean, logically, one can of hairspray should last you awhile, right? But the same way that your bobby pins seem to have grown tiny legs and walked off on their own, you find that one measly can of hairspray just isn’t going to cut it. Maybe a minimum of two would be okay for one day. Okay, just to be on the safe side, you’d start carrying five cans on you at all times.

Your teammates will stick with you, no matter what

If you think those trust fall exercises are great for building for camaraderie, try being a flyer and having to trust a group of girls to catch you from about a height of 10 feet up in the air. Once you’ve placed that amount of trust in somebody else,you know that you’ll always stick together, no matter what.

You’re going to find muscles in places you never expected

Before becoming a cheerleader, if you were a great biology student, you thought you knew where all the muscles in the body are. But after becoming a cheerleader, you quickly learn that body parts can hurt in places that you never expected. That weird spot in the middle of your back? How did you not know that there was a muscle there? And now it hurts. How can that muscle hurt? How?

You’ll find that you can smile through anything

An amazing skill you pick up as a cheerleader is that you learn to smile through anything. Whether you accidentally botch a landing, or you trip, you pick yourself up, brush off the dust, smile, and power on.

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