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Time Management For Jacksonville Cheerleading

Can you imagine how many things Jacksonville cheerleading needs to juggle all at once in order to survive a school year? They have to meet a specific academic grade to continue being part of the cheer team. They also have to practice and develop their skills in cheerleading to become a significant member of it. There are so many things that they have to do all at once, we sometimes wonder how ever can these teenagers do it?

The secret is in having a good time management. If you will manage your time well, then you will have a better chance at fulfilling all your duties as a student, a cheerleader, a friend, and a daughter.

Do your homework first

Without good grades, there’s no way you would still be a part of the cheerleading team. You need to meet a specific grade in order to continue being active in the squad. If you fail a subject, you will get the honor of being a cheerleader revoked. Unless you reach the target grade again, you may find yourself watching from the sidelines instead of having the spotlight on you.

Follow the cheer practice schedule

There’s a cheer practice and workout schedule. Follow it religiously and you’ll be fine. This means that you don’t need to practice more or practice less. There’s a right amount of time to do your cheering duties in a day. Allot a specific time for it, as well as for doing your homework and studying for an exam. What good would practicing stunts do for you if you cannot be a part of the team anymore because you flunked a subject?

Rest when you can

It’s important to rest your body and your mind from all the physical activities you have to do. It can be stressing to fulfill all your duties as a student and a cheerleader. Your body needs a break sometimes. Don’t abuse it to the point that you will fail a class or you will be lazy at cheer practice.

Create a routine

Our lives are made up of routines. If followed, these routines could guide us all to success. Create a routine and follow it, but don’t be afraid to change it, too, if it doesn’t work for you. Do you study better in the morning or the evening? When can you best do some extra cheer practice? During weekends or weekdays? Take one day each week to just rest your body and mind, so you will be refreshed and ready to take on the world again the next day.

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