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10 Tips For Cheerleading Tryouts

Jacksonville cheerleading

There are so many Jacksonville cheerleading tips for tryouts that the message can become unclear, at times. But in the interest of collating every important tip we came across, we’re listing here the very best, the top 10, of tips for when you want to be successful in a cheerleading tryout.

1. Master your skills early
Months before you sign up for a cheerleading tryout, get on a cheerleading mat and practice those routines. Show up for practice and ask if you can watch the team because you’re preparing to try out for it. In most schools, this will be acceptable. Use your time well to prepare.

2. Eat healthy and workout
It’s important for your body to be at the right stage when trying out for a cheerleading position. Eat healthy. Consult a nutritionist, if you can, so you know what your body wants. Most important of all, go to the gym and exercise. You can even workout in your basement or garage. Get that body moving.

3. Don’t miss deadlines
Tryouts just don’t happen overtime. They have meetings you have to attend, and fees you have to pay. Don’t miss any of these deadlines.

4. Ask for a sample scoresheet
You may ask the coach for a sample scoresheet, so you know which skills you should focus on. This will give you an idea about which skills the coach and the cheerleaders deem important for their routines. Give them what they want.

5. Practice learning choreography
Not many people find it easy to learn choreography and dance steps. Practice your mind skills regarding dance steps that may be incorporated in the routine. Most of the time, during tryouts, you are given a routine to memorize only for a week.

6. Practice your skills on a cheerleading surface
See what kind of surface you will be performing on? Make sure to practice on that exact same surface (or something akin to it), so you have a feel of how to tumble, spin, and jump on it.

7. Practice your spirit entrance
Oh, you think you can just enter the tryout facility smiling? It’s a combination of tumbling, smiling, cheering, yelling, and jumping. You have to wow the coach the moment you enter the room.

8. Be friendly with your schoolmates
If you have an attitude, it is most likely you won’t be entertained in the Jacksonville cheerleading squad. Make sure to have the right attitude when it comes to teamwork and sacrifice.

9. Don’t overreach
That means not to try out skills you are not comfortable with, or you have no idea how to do. Ask a professional to teach you that skill, if you are really adamant to learn it.

10. Wear the right outfit
It’s not just about doing the routine flawlessly. It’s also about having the right outfit, looking fresh and clean, and standing out from the rest.

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