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Tips To Succeed In Cheerleading

Tips To Succeed In Competitive Cheerleading

So, it’s your first-ever in a cheerleading competition (or maybe not) and you’re vying for that title, and dreaming to bring glory to your school or your city. But how do you make sure you’ll raise that trophy at the end of the night? Can you already imagine yourself up in the air with the confetti raining down on your team?

Here at Central Florida Athletics we take our Jacksonville cheerleading training and competing very seriously. We’re quite competitive that way, and we take pride in our cheerleading tradition, so much so that we hold classes all-year round to develop the skills and stunts of your young cheerleaders.

But how does one succeed in competitive cheerleading? What should you look out for? We took the time to get to know what judges are looking for when they are evaluating stunts, drills, flips and dances.

Be confident

Confidence shows in every move you make. Whether it’s a backflip, a cartwheel, a roll, or a simple dance routine, your confidence must be so exuding the judges can feel it. When you complete a routine, make sure you land on your feet with full confidence of what you were able to do. Don’t act surprised that you were able to successfully do the stunt. Your expression must show that you expect to complete it. That will show your confidence.

Synchronize your stunts

Cheerleading is all about synchronization. You have to synchronize everything—from the cradle to the flips to the landing. Your success in a competitive cheerleading hinges on your team’s ability to do all your stunts harmoniously.

Learn something new

If you’ll keep doing the same stunts, motions, cheers, chants and tumbling year after year, there’s a good chance the judges would eventually get tired of your team’s routine. If you’re a beginner, try to learn the classic routines of your team. But if you’re already a pro in these cheerleading competitions, ignite some fire and passion into your team by bringing and introducing new stunts and drills.

Train harder

If you think you’re already training harder, then you might have a wrong understanding of the competitive nature of cheerleading. A good cheerleader doesn’t know when to stop. You must push on to your training until you’ve perfected your stunts and until your team flows rhythmically. There’s no consequence to working harder except the reward of victory.

If you’re looking to succeed in your Jacksonville Cheerleading pursuits you owe it to yourself to come and visit Central Florida Athletics.

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