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Top Five Favorite Jacksonville Cheerleading Activities

Jacksonville cheerleading

The way Jacksonville cheerleading members bond with each other is based on traditions passed to them by cheerleaders before them. Cheerleaders love traditions and adding and updating them as new generations come in. Some of the most favorite activities for cheerleaders are the usual—hanging out together after practice or eating in a corner deli after a tough loss in a competition.

Rounding up all these favorite cheerleading activities are:

After-practice ice cream

The after-practice ice cream is the Holy Grail of cheerleading traditions. It’s a treat to yourself after having completed a particularly difficult routine or after having successfully choreographed stunts for a school event or a competition. Most cheerleaders follow a very strict diet, so that they remain strong and flexible throughout the season. They are not allowed to indulge themselves very often, so those after-practice ice cream runs are all they are going to get.

Going to camp

What is a summer season without going to a cheerleading camp? Cheerleaders are not required to attend camp every summer, but they are encouraged to do so because the camp will teach them new stunts and routines. It will also help them bond well with each other and create rapport with cheerleaders from other teams.

Stunting in family photos

When it’s summertime, your family will be ready for the beach. What’s a cheerleader to do but do some stunts to be a standout in the family picture? Your brother might call you a showoff, but your family will secretly love how confident you are of performing before them. This will also help relieve your anxiety in dealing with a large crowd when performing.

Barbecues with the team

If you did not attend a cheerleading camp, you might as well organize a barbecue party with your cheer friends. You can hold this beside a lake or the beach if you live near one. This is a great way for the cheerleading members to get to know each other better. Who’s going to stand by the grill? Who’s going to fix the dishes after lunch or dinner? It’s going to create a whole new tradition for the team.


Before the next season hits you, your coach will most likely give the x team a bit of a downtime. You can spend this time with your family and non-cheerleading friends, or you can practice some of the stunts you want to master. Either way, it’s a time you have to yourself.

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