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Training To Become A Cheerleader — Jacksonville cheerleading

Jacksonville cheerleading

Jacksonville cheerleading is an extremely rewarding sport once you got in the squad. The hours are horrid, of course, because of the training and practice schedule. But there is no better team to be a part of than a cheerleading squad.

Unfortunately, not everyone is skilled or disciplined enough to be accepted in a team. Many think that cheerleaders merely wave their pom-poms in the air and cheer for a basketball or football team. They do not see the hard work and sacrifice that every cheerleader must punish herself into to make a team. They don’t see that some girls are being cut-off from the squad because of their attitude and irresponsibility.

Skills will only get you so far in cheerleading. You have to be ready to sacrifice your body, your emotions, and most of all, your time.

Speak with someone on the squad

If you want to train with the team before trying out, you better get to know people in the squad. They will be accommodating to you, and you will know from them what it takes to make the cut. They can tell you specifics about the routines, and they can give you tips on how to impress the cheerleading coach.

For sure, you have to know the basics: toe touches, kicks, splits, round offs, handstands, handsprings, cartwheels, motions, and herkies.

Exercise your endurance

Cheerleaders sometimes get hoarse from shouting too much. They may even have shortness of breath because of this. When at the sidelines of a game, cheerleaders must keep their active and positive energy for two whole hours or until the game lasts. If you are not physically prepared for this, you may embarrass yourself. Start by running every day to increase your strength and endurance.

Increase the speed and inclination every week. You can do this on a treadmill or in parks.

Start core exercises

Whether you’re going to be a flyer or a base, you have to get your core stronger. Do jumping jacks, crunches, push ups, and a minute of plank every day. Do not stop between rounds. A 10-second interval between sets is just enough.

Learn the basics

Even before training starts, learn the basics of Jacksonville cheerleading. The most common is a toe touch and cartwheels. Practice makes perfect, so make sure to do these every day. Ask a friend to spot your form. Also, have the proper mat where you can practice these stunts at home.

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