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Traveling Mistakes That Every Jacksonville Cheerleading Team Should Avoid

Planning for travel is stressful. Packing your clothes for travel is stressful. Navigating the airport is stressful. So, why do we do it? We do it to experience new things and see different parts of the world and for Jacksonville cheerleading, they do it to learn more about themselves and of course, attend competitions and even cheer camps. If you think traveling alone or with your family is difficult enough, can you imagine traveling with a whole cheer squad?

When it comes to travel fails, nothing is as more stressful as planning and organizing a whole cheer squad. If you are planning to travel with your team soon, here are the most common mistakes that you should avoid doing when going on trips with the whole squad:

Never put your uniform in your check-in luggage

While all airlines try their best not to lose your baggage, that is still not a hundred percent guarantee. Never put your cheer uniforms inside your check-in baggage lest you want to compete sticking out like a sore thumb because you have to use a different set of uniform.

Or maybe your coach won’t even allow you to be a part of the competition without your cheer uniform. No matter how much you whine at the airline management and they reimburse your full ticket fee, the opportunity to compete with your friends has already been lost.

Arrive at the airport early

Arrive really early to the airport because traveling is such a lengthy process. You have to go through the check-in process, proceed to immigration (if international), go through a security check, and find your boarding gate. In some airports, this process can take hours, especially if the lines are long at the check-in counter.

Make sure that you have arranged the transportation of the cheerleaders going to the airport so everybody will be there on time. Arrange a carpool with a responsible parent who can make sure that everyone will arrive at the airport at the agreed upon time.

Keep your team color in mind

You will have to rent a van or a minibus to take the cheerleaders around the city or town. The biggest mistake you can do is not ask what the color of the bus or van is.

Remember that you will be competing with other teams. If your team color is not available at the rental place, make sure to pick another color that won’t be a rival team’s color.

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