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CFA-JAX Tumbling Classes


Just for Kicks
PRE Reqs: N/A
Skills learned:fwd rolls, back rolls, tumbling lunge, t-handstands, roundoffs, bridges, bridge kick overs, back walkovers, front walkovers, front limber, back limber

Spring Time
Pre reqs: all skills learned in JFK
Skills learned: back handspring, round off bhs

Let’s Get Series
Pre Reqs: standing bhs mastered, rbhs mastered
Skills learned: connecting skills, level 1 skills to bhs, standing series bhs, running series bhs, fwo bhs

Hands Free
Pre reqs: standing and running 3 bhs that gain speed and power mastered
Skills worked: running tucks, 3 to tuck, 2 to tuck, hs tuck, front tucks

Lay It Out
Pre reqs: all skills from hands free mastered
Skills worked: layouts and standing tucks

Get It Twisted
Pre reqs: layout and standing tuck mastered
Skills worked: full twisting layout, connecting jumps to standing tucks.

Panther Tricks
Skills worked:whips, punchfront step out, dbl fulls, bounding skills,

*There is a annual registration fee of $35.00 for all non-members.

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