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Unnecessary Things To Worry About During Jacksonville Cheerleading Camp

Jacksonville cheerleading

It cannot be avoided that when you are a first timer in a Jacksonville cheerleading camp you may feel overwhelmed by everything you see. All those cheerleaders, skills, mentors and coaches you see will make you feel that you’ve woken up in an alternate universe where everybody can be a flyer, a base, and a superstar cheerleader.

There are many things you can expect when you’re attending camp for the first time—anxiety, pained muscles, increased appetite, etc. But, there are also unnecessary stressors that you must let go of if you want to enjoy attending the cheerleading camp.

Panic attacks

It’s normal to be scared of your first experience camping with your co-cheerleaders and your mentors and coaches. However, if it’s causing you to lose sleep or your appetite, there is something wrong. Talk to your parents, your coaches, or your mentors about how you are feeling about attending camp. Maybe they can do something about how anxious you are feeling about it.


You will be extra sweaty and feel exhausted when you’re camping with your cheerleaders. However, you should be wary about feeling suddenly dizzy or nauseous. Summer is a hot season and combined with the extra physical activities and exercise, you may suffer from dehydration, heat stroke, faint, or even worse. If you are hungry, eat. Do not push yourself to the extremes if you feel that you cannot go on anymore. explain to your coach what you’re feeling and she will surely be understanding about it. In fact, she may even advise you to take it easy and rest until you’re feeling better.


You will most likely feel sore after all the activities, but you should feel any shooting and sharp pain anywhere in your body. If there is a reason to get concerned, talk to your coach or mentor about it. She will be able to help you determine if you have injured yourself. The worst thing to do under these circumstances is to work your injured muscles.


While it’s normal to feel hungry once in a while, you shouldn’t starve yourself. You need all the energy you can get from protein-rich food in order to survive the camp. You will most likely feel dizzy and sick if you work without getting the proper nutrients. If you are hungry, ask your coach for a five-minute break so you can take your snack.

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