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Using Pom-poms for Your Jacksonville Cheerleading Routine

One of the most common images for Jacksonville cheerleading involves a happy, bright-eyed cheerleader holding a pair of pom-poms. No matter how you look at it, cheerleaders and pom-poms go together like peanut butter and jelly, and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, pom-poms are more than just a flashy accessory that cheerleaders wave around. These are an essential part of their routines, and here are some ways pom-poms can be worked into cheerleading routines.

Using Poms In Their Stunts

Because of their colorful nature, pom-poms naturally draw people’s eyes to them, and are a great way of adding a little flair to routines and stunts. It is especially eye-catching when used by fliers. It isn’t recommended to use poms for stunts that require significant use of your hands, as this may result in a safety risk. No matter how much of a crowd pleaser it can be, always prioritize yours and your team mate’s safety. Pom-poms are best used for simple tumbling stunts, like cartwheeling. If tumbling isn’t your team’s strong suit, poms can be used to make them look more impressive. This gives it a more fun and unique appearance to an otherwise typical tumbling routine.

Performing With Poms During Non-Stunts

As mentioned before, poms shouldn’t be used with stunts that require significant use of our hand to carry out the stunt successfully. Poms can be used in tandem with the stunt group by having a group of cheerleaders dance with poms right in front of the stunt group. This creates an interesting sense of balance and harmony between the stunt group and the non-stunt groups, and is bound to keep the judges and the spectators interested.

Make a Pom-pom Wave

A well executed traditional wave looks pretty great on its own, but add poms to the mix, and it looks spectacular. Best pulled off when choreographed to music, this particular move is fantastic for adding a sense of fluidity and grandeur to your routine.

Pom Your Finale

For a bang of a finale, you can incorporate poms into the last part of your routine by having the cheerleaders throw them up in the air towards the crowd as a finishing move. If you want the full impact of this move, choreograph it with a fun final sound effect, like a cannon boom, or a fireworks explosion. Take care not to accidentally throw the poms at the judges, as this may result in a loss of points for your routine.

If used properly, poms incorporated into your Jacksonville cheerleading routine can really pay off. As long as they are utilized properly, they can add quite a bit of flair to your routine.

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