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Using Social Media To Attract Support For Jacksonville Cheerleading

Can you imagine this world without social media? Gasp! It’s a strange thing to be so dependent on the digital world and on a piece of electronics—the smartphone—but that’s the reality of life nowadays, even in Jacksonville cheerleading.

Our social media accounts are the first thing we check every morning. It used to be our text messages or our emails. Not anymore. Social media rule our every move. Is the food Instagram-worthy? Will my OOTD (outfit of the day) make my feed look good?

So if you want to attract attention and support to your squad, you have to make use of social media. You have to harness and maximize its powers to make sure that the community knows you need every ounce of support they can give—morally, spiritually, physically, and of course, financially.

Create a Facebook and Instagram account

First thing’s first. Create a Facebook and Instagram account that will be solely dedicated to updating your fans and followers about your activities as a squad. Make sure that the name is easy to remember and that it will specifically refer to your team.

If the name is taken, simply include the local area where you are from. For example, put Jacksonville on the Facebook name. That will make your name very specific.

Update the accounts regularly

Since we are always glued to our smartphones, how hard is it to update the page regularly? If something needs to be shared with your followers, put that on social media instead of your personal account.

Make sure that the post is public, too, so others in the community can be able to see it when they search for a name connected to your team.

Post videos of your new stunts and routines

What your Jacksonville cheerleading supporters want to see are your videos. They want to see that you are working on a new stunt, routine, and choreography.

Of course, due to the fact that other teams can copy what you are working on, cut the video short. Just show the highlight and tell your followers that they can catch the rest on your next performance.

Respond to comments and suggestions

The Jacksonville cheerleading community that supports you likes to know that you value their opinions and their suggestions. Yes, some may actually be know-it-alls but respond kindly to everyone and respect that some are just different in expressing their opinions. Never forget to always thank the community and the support that they have given the squad.

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