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What Happens To Jacksonville Cheerleading After High School?

Jacksonville cheerleading

Being in college and becoming a college student is hard enough without having to become a member of a Jacksonville cheerleading squad. Most of the time, a cheerleader’s love and passion for cheerleading takes a backseat when they go to college.

Still, you can actually hold your pom-poms again and cheer on your school teams. It’s not always a hopeless scenario and your college life and love for cheerleading can actually survive to exist together.

Start cheering again

Even if you have a hectic schedule, you can cheer again by having a good time management system. If your college has no school cheerleading team to try out for, you can check near the area if there are any all-star gyms there that you can join. If this is not your cup of tea, you can go to the big leagues and join a professional team. There’s nothing wrong with pursuing your passion both for the academics and for cheerleading.

Recruit other cheerleaders

University recruiters do not actively scout cheerleaders, unfortunately. Cheering is not like basketball or football wherein athletes almost always have a future with a university or a city college. You will have to contact your school to let them know you’re interested to try out for their cheerleading team. You can also invite other cheerleaders to join you. Don’t know anyone else interested? That is what Facebook is for. You can create a university group exclusively for former high school cheerleaders. Who knows what else you can discover there.

Apply for scholarships

There are cheer scholarships available in most universities and colleges, but they don’t actually offer a full scholarship. That’s why you need to study hard when you are in high school, so that you will have good grades which will act as a kind of “collateral” to get an academic scholarship. Make sure that your grades are your priorities and not cheerleading, though that should come as a close second, of course.

Check out the professional level

If the college does not have a Jacksonville cheerleading team, you can always try to focus on joining a professional team like the cheerers for your local NFL and NBA teams. You should submit an application for tryouts, though remember to mark your calendars, so that you won’t forget those critical deadlines. Since cheering may be hard right out of high school, you need to prepare hard for it and do your research.

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