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What Jacksonville Cheerleading Parents Can Learn From Coaches

Jacksonville cheerleading

It’s understandable that being a team parent is quite hard. You have to sit on the sidelines as you watch your daughter get flipped in the air and do stunts you never thought a human being would be capable of. It’s natural to feel a little worried about your kid who joined a Jacksonville cheerleading team, but this is not a reason to stress out over it.

Sometimes, emotions run high and this can lead to misunderstandings about the parents themselves or even between a parent and the cheerleading coach. The truth is, if you can only recognize the difficult role that coaches play, you’ll have a smoother relationship with him/her and the whole cheerleading squad.

Stay positive

Even if the team is not winning or even if the team hasn’t perfected the routines yet, coaches rarely let the girls see they are feeling bad or they want to quit already. This is such a negative attitude that could be brought out there in the competition. When you have this feeling, you cannot be a successful cheer parent and will also pressure your daughter to quit the squad. Coaches know that winning is very important to the girls, so he/she approaches them and listen to them by letting them talk.

Don’t let the kids hear your complaint

One of the most difficult things a coach must do is to call the attention of a cheerleader and admonish her for something she had done. Don’t ever do this in front of the other girls and don’t even talk to the team captain about the issue. That’s the same with cheer parents. Even if you think one of the cheerleaders must be scolded, don’t impose yourself or your presence in the team since you are not officially a member. Let the coach handle it.


Cheerleading is all about team work and cooperation. Take note that your kid is part of the team and not the star of the team. Even the team captain works well with the team because she knows that relationships with the other girls are important. It can’t be helped that parents want to see their kids shine and outshine others, but if that is the case, Jacksonville cheerleading is not the sports you are looking for.


If your kid has issues with the other girls or with the coach, let her talk to them. You can be a support system sure, but you shouldn’t act as your daughter’s voice. Let her explain herself and allow her to stand up for herself.

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