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What Jacksonville Cheerleading Parents Expect From A New Coach

When there’s a new Jacksonville cheerleading coach, cheer parents are anxious about the first meeting with him/her, mainly because what the coach expects and what he/she wants will greatly contribute to the success of a cheerleader. There is a need for a good relationship between the cheerleading coach and the cheerleader’s parents. Without cooperation, the team is doomed from the start.

If you’re on your way to the first meeting, here are some of the things you can expect as a cheer parent:

You will feel optimistic

There’s a new coach, which means there’s a fresh possibility for your daughter to impress that said coach. It doesn’t matter what kind of relationship you had with her previous coach. Having a new one means that your daughter can start over again and show her skills and her passion for the sports to this new coach. It’s time to impress the coach and carve a niche for herself.

You will feel cynical

This would happen if you’ve had a great relationship with the previous coach and you don’t think there should be changes in the team. A new coach means there will be new rules, new guidelines, and even new head cheerleader, if possible. You will fear for your daughter’s standing and that’s only normal. But remember, give this new coach a chance because you never know. She might surprise you.

You will feel overprotective

You need a coach who is qualified and who can be an inspiration to your daughter. You are overly protective about the influence of this coach to your daughter. The last thing you want is a coach who will belittle your daughter’s efforts or who will be tyrannical and will make cheerleading feel like a work rather than a hobby or a sports. You want your child to have the guidance and recognition that you think your child deserves.

You will feel curious

Who is this new coach? What are his/her qualifications? Will he/she be good to my daughter? These are the questions you will definitely ask yourself if there’s a new coach for the team. You want to know everything about this coach, who will be the one to decide the fate of your daughter in the team.

You will feel relieved

There is a reason why the previous coach left the team or why he/she was fired. As a parent, you will feel relieved that he/she has been replaced and that the team finally has a new mentor who can teach the cheerleaders new stunts and routines, and who can develop their skills.

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