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What You Need To Know Before A Cheer Competition

Jacksonville cheerleading

When it comes to Jacksonville cheerleading competition, you don’t simply say “yes, my team will be there.” As a coach or even a head cheerleader, you are responsible for the safety and security of your squad. This means that you are tasked to ask the hard questions. They may be a little over the top, at times, but they are questions you need to ask anyway for your team.

Cheerleading competitions are usually held in convention centers where other events could be taking place at the same time. While that is generally not a problem in itself, there are a few concerns that you should take into consideration as a coach or a head cheerleader.

What other events are going on?

Convention centers usually have enough space to accommodate all kinds of events, no matter if they are scheduled at the same time. Still, it’s better to know what events will fall on the same day as the competition. Some of these events may not be appropriate for young cheerleaders. Although there are separate entrances and exits for each hall or room, you still never know when cheerleaders could accidentally go wandering off to other rooms.

How large are the events happening?

If a large convention, such as the comic con, is about to happen in the same place where the competition is being held, it is more likely that you’ll compete with parking spaces and hotel rooms. Ask the organizer just how big the other events are, so you know if you have to go extra early to the convention center, so you’ll have enough parking spaces for you and the rest of the team. You may also need to check out if there are still available rooms in nearby hotels.

Are there hospitals/medical crews nearby?

Since you will be attending a cheerleading event, the chances of someone getting injured or hurt is very high. One of your members or one from the other teams’ members may get a sprained ankle. How about if an accident happens? You have to make sure that you have easy access to a hospital and other medical facility. You also have to ask if the medical staff there is enough to accommodate a large number of people.

Where are the emergency exits?

This is absolutely the first thing you need to know about the building where the Jacksonville cheerleading competition will be held. Is there a fire exit? Will it be easily accessible to the cheerleaders? Is the hall where you’re holding the competition near the fire exit? If there is no fire exit, you may want to think again if you’ll allow your girls to be a part of this.

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