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What to Expect When Your Child Joins Jacksonville Cheerleading

When your child joins Jacksonville cheerleading, you’re never quite sure what you’re in for. You hear a lot of stories of cheerleaders gone awry, and you’re worried that your child might stray the path. You may hear varying anecdotes of how expensive cheerleading is, and how many things you have to pay for. You’re told that you have to dedicate your entire schedule to cheer practices, tryouts, and meets. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what’s fact, and what’s fiction. So to help you out, here are some things you should expect as a parent to an aspiring cheerleader.

The Financial

One of the most important things that cheer parents need to keep track of is what needs financing for their child’s cheerleading career. After all, cheerleading requires its own set of gear and uniforms, which means an extra cost that you have to take into account. To give you a general overview of what needs to be paid for in your child’s cheerleading career, here are some things to keep in mind.

During the tryouts, your child needs to have some of the basic gear so they they’re comfortable when they practice for their tryouts. You might also have to pay for some additional classes that they may need, like gymnastics. During the pre-season, you have to prepare for cheer camp costs and additional training gear. During the regular season, your child will need to pay for uniforms, practice wear, and accessories.

The Scheduling

There is a lot of time management involved with cheerleading. During the tryout period, your child may require time for you to drive them to classes, and may need to to set aside time to give them constructive feedback. During the pre-season period, you may have to consider scheduling family outings because your child may have to go to cheer camp for the summer. During the actual cheer season, you’ll have to drive your child to practices, performances, and meets.

The Support

You will quickly learn that no matter what stage your child is at their Jacksonville cheerleading career, you’ll always have to be there for them as their emotional support, no matter what. During tryouts, you will need to be there for them to help get over the initial nerves that are typically associated with tryouts. During the pre-season, you’ll have to help them with their scheduling to make sure that they don’t burn out from the combination of pre-season practices. During the season itself, it is important that you help your child manage their school responsibilities with their cheerleading ones.

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