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Why Lakeland After-School Care is So Important

Did you know that approximately 16 percent of U.S. children ages 6 -19 are overweight, and another 15 percent are at risk of becoming overweight? Did you know that the hours from 3 to 6 p.m are a peak time for juvenile crime? Did you know that only four out of ten children in kindergarten through eighth grade participate in after-school activities at least once a week? Did you know this means that between eight and fourteen million children and youth are alone and unsupervised after school? Did you know that CFA’s Lakeland after-school programs help youth develop social skills and improve academic performance?

Central Florida Athletics Lakeland After-School programs benefit kids of all ages. Young children benefit especially from the social skills development, physical activity and have improved academic skills. This leads to improved conflict management and better school attendance. Middle-school aged youth who continue to participate in after-school activities are more likely to be engaged in school and attentive in class and less likely to be involved in violent behavior at school.

Researchers have also identified the characteristics of the most effective after-school programs and activities:

1. They support and compliment classroom learning by emphasizing social, emotional and Physical development.
2. They provide opportunities for informal learning.
3. Provide activities that support socialization with peers.
4. Include time for physical and creative activity.

Lakeland’s own CFA, offer youth an array of organized physical activities as well as time to engage in supervised homework time. We have seen some tumbling progression in many kids in just the short time that they have been with us. Many of our kids have also signed up for tumbling and recreational cheer classes. We are looking forward to fall so we can partake in more outdoor festivities. The kids have really enjoyed playing games and making new friends. If you are curious what we are all about, stop by and check us out!!

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