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Why Do We Cheer?

Why do we cheer in the first place? I find myself asking that question frequently both to myself, my colleagues and to our athletes.

Ralph Marston, a professional football player in the 1920’s for the Boston Bulldogs once said, “Start strong, stay strong, and finish strong by always remembering why you’re doing it in the first place.”

Start Strong: As our second competitive cheer season is coming to a close, I have begun reflecting on where we have come from. We started our season strong, adding two teams to our total full year team count and one team to our half year program! We conditioned hard all summer long and brought in an amazing choreographer to jump start our season with a skills camp to get us prepared for what was to come and finally a set of 6 extremely flashy, gold worthy routines!

Stay Strong: Practices continued once school started and we had one focus, showing the community just what CFA is all about! We put on a successful show at Zombie Fest early in October, before our routines and skills were even perfected! Following this we rocked the house at our in-house show case! It didn’t stop there! As momentum picked up, CFA made an extremely huge name for themselves with over 15 first place wins and multiple second and third place finishes as well! We received a WOW award for choreography and an invitation to participate in the Battle at the Capitol in Washington D.C. next season! Also, our J2 team dominated with a nearly perfect score at UCA and took home a summit bid for this years D2 Summit in Tampa! Talk about a successful season!!

Finish Strong: As we conclude our last week of team practices as we know them, the last few “full outs” to music are thrown, the last huddles and chants are called, and the last competition weekend is upon us, I ask you all to reflect on the amazing season we’ve had. At CFA it isn’t all about the wins and the bids. While they are amazing accomplishments, what is most important are the bonds we’ve made, the character we’ve built, the determination within and the skill sets that have flourished and shine through in our athletes.

Why: Every practice, team meeting, bonding experience, long drive, hectic competition schedule, mat time and performance, every tear, every smile, every moment of celebration and even of defeat….in fact every minute of every hour I I have put in to CFA this season has been well worth it and has made me a better person! I would not be who I am today without the experiences I am so lucky to gain at our gym! As one season ends and the next begins I ask you all…what is your why? Why are you doing it in the first place?

Coach Kristyn

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