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Why should your athlete participate in Lakeland Cheerleading?

Over the years, I have been approached numerous times about how I got involved in cheerleading and why do I coach the sport. The answer isn’t always simple for me. The love of the sport never sparked until my freshmen year of college when I joined the squad at the University of Dayton. From that time on, I have grown to enjoy participating and coaching, helping athletes be confident in their team and themselves. Other than my involvement, many parents have asked why their son or daughter should participate. If their child shows interest, I think the answer is pretty easy.

Here are 3 points on why your athlete should cheer:

1- Physical Activity- most people assume a cheer practice pretty laid back with athletes practicing cheers along with an occasional stunt. Opposed to most beliefs, practices involve stunting, tumbling, jumps, and conditioning. In a society where childhood obesity is an epidemic, Lakeland cheerleading helps prevent this from those who participate by getting them physically active which helps them to have a healthy metabolism and development of muscles.

2- Team building- the idea of working as a team teaches athletes to encourage one another to succeed whether it’s cheerleading or other team sports now the road.

3- Competition- While parents would love for their children to win at everything whether its school, sports, jobs, etc., the simple fact of the matter is there will be times where they are not first. Competing in our Lakeland cheerleading programs introduces a healthy dose of competition. As they get older, the competition does get more serious, but it is gradual. I find it very important for healthy competition which relates to the real world down the road. The harder and more diligent they work, the better chance they have of accomplishing their goals/dreams.

For all of your Lakeland, FL cheerleading needs please contact CFA “Central Florida Athletics” here in Lakeland, Florida.

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