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You Can Include Your Jacksonville Cheerleading Experience On Your Resume

If you are about to enter the workforce and have a Jacksonville cheerleading background, it is likely that you are wondering if you’re going to include these skills or not. Don’t dilly-dally and put your experience as a cheerleader on that resume. Unknown to many, employers do prefer cheerleaders because of the intensity they are used to and their competitive nature.

As a cheerleader, you have been subjected to a lot of criticisms, pressure, and competition. You are familiar with the stress coming from expectations, and you have lived with it every day of your cheerleading life.

High energy

Employers would love you because of your high energy. Remember when you are too tired, but still managed to work out or practice? You will use the same energy to pull an all-nighter at work or to answer back hundreds of inquiries and emails. There is a lot of pressure in the workplace and having that high energy will help you and everyone around you. People who are used to giving out all their best will less likely to experience burnout because of work.


Everyone wants a perfectionist, but not everyone actually is. A cheerleader knows the value of working out and practicing over and over again. She knows that a small mistake can cause a performance or a competition. She knows that everything has to be perfect if the team wants to win. This same attitude will work well for companies looking for someone with a great eye for detail.


Cheerleaders are naturally innovative and creative because of the years of practice they had on the mat. They have to constantly think outside of the box to make sure that their routines will stand out from the rest. It doesn’t matter what company you are going to work for—all they want is to make sure that you are always thinking of ways to compete and to outshine the competitors.


Is there anything more important in Jacksonville cheerleading than communication? When you don’t communicate well in a routine, there’s a big chance that your squad will fail or worse, accidents will happen. In order to make the performance successful, you’ve got to bond with and trust your teammates. This is the same attitude expected out of you when you’re a part of the workforce. You need to be able to communicate with your superiors and your subordinates. You also need to make them understand complicated instructions, especially when the stake is high.

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